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  • The Mission of RUF is Reaching Students for Christ and Equipping them to Serve.


    When we meets students, we always tell them that we want to start a conversation on campus about faith and life. For the Christian, faith is built on Jesus Christ. We ask students to make him part of our conversation. We work through the bible to meet the real Jesus. He is surprising in his love, mercy and grace to all different types of people. So we work for, pray for, hope for and expect that students will grow in their understanding a relationship to Jesus through the study of the Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit.


    All through the Bible we see that God did not call his people to be alone. They were always intended to be together as a source of care and support as they walk through life following their God. RUF wants to encourage students by providing a place where they can find care and support as they walk through their college experience together. We encourage students to grow in their fellowship and service with one another. Looking for simple, practical ways they can practice these important concepts.



    The university is equipping and preparing students in areas of expertise. As students grow in their understanding of their degree programs, we also want them to grow in how they see the world. God did not create science, art, buisness, math, or education to separate from faith. Just the opposite, it is important to understand how our faith informs all aspects of our lives and world.


    The gospel is true and therefore we cannot keep it to ourselves. RUF is committed to communicating the Good News in a respectful way. The communication will come out in our words, our actions, and how we use our resources. We do this in hopes that others, outside of our group, will be cared for and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and his Good News.

  • What We Do

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    Social Events

    Fall and Summer Conferences, Halloween and Christmas parties, game nights, dinners out and more are all on the agenda when it comes to social events. These help us discover new friends and create memories that last a life time.

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    One on Ones

    The Campus Minister and Campus Staff are available to meet one on one with students. Here we engage students in discussions about life and faith. We talk about school, relationships, and all the other joys and struggles of our week. It is also a time we use this time to equip students for ministry.

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    Small Group

    Bible Studies

    RUF small groups are times for students to get together for bible study and discussion. As the ministry grows, students will go through a training process to be prepared to lead small group bible studies with their peers.

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    Large Groups

    Large group is a time for the whole ministry to come together for worship, biblical teaching, and fellowship. We are looking forward to a time when we are ready to host large groups.

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    Campus Minister

    Trip Beans

    Trip is a peculiar combination of way past his prime athlete and nerd. Trip loves almost all sports and competition with specific interests in soccer, baseball (especially the Baltimore Orioles) and football (especially the Ravens). He is up to play just about anything from backyard whiffle ball to a table top game. He has also been collecting comic books since he was 12 years old. Trip is married to Joy and they have three kids.


    To support this ministry go to: https://www.givetoruf.org/donate/umbc

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    Campus Staff

    Joy Beans


    Joy has been a full time mom, part time volunteer in ministry since she and Trip married in 1999. She has worked with middle school, high school and college students, in women’s ministry and peacemaking. She came on staff with RUF in 2017.


    She has the incredible ability to get lost in Target, Whole Foods and any town she’s ever visited (or lives in). She loves reading, hanging out with students, making her 3 kids laugh hysterically and soy chai lattes.


    To support Joy's work on campus go to: https://givetoruf.org/Donate?productid=1536

  • Get Involved!

    Want to find a small group bible study? Want to join our Large Group or attend our next event? Reach out to us.

    Large Group

    Meets Monday Nights at 7:30pm. You can find us in the Center for Health and Wellbeing in the Gathering Space. Reach out to Trip or Joy to get more info.

    Small Group Bible Studies

    We have student and staff led bible studies throughout the week. Contact Trip or Joy to get more info about our studies.


    See the latest pictures from the happenings of RUF Baltimore


    Contact Trip


    Contact Joy